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1.1.1: The Institution ensures effective curriculum planning and delivery through a well-planned and documented process including Academic calendar and conduct of continuous internal Assessment.

1.3.1: The institution integrates crosscutting issues relevant to Professional Ethics, Gender, Human Values, Environment, and Sustainability into the Curriculum.

Criteria-2 2.3.1: Student-centric methods, such as experiential learning, participative learning, and problem-solving methodologies are used for enhancing learning experiences using ICT tools.

3.3.1: Number of research papers published per teacher in the Journals on the UGC care list during the last five years.

3.3.2: Number of books and chapters in edited volumes/books published and papers published in national/ international conference proceedings per teacher during the last five years.

3.4.1: Extension activities are carried out in the neighborhood community, sensitizing students to social issues, for their holistic development, and impact.

3.4.2: Awards and recognitions received for extension activities from government / government recognised bodies.


4.1.1  Availability of adequate infrastructure and physical facilities viz., classrooms, laboratories, ICT facilities, cultural activities, gymnasium, yoga centre etc. in the institution.

4.2.1: Library is automated using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS), subscription to e-resources, the amount spent on the purchase of books, journals and per day usage of library.

4.3.1: Institution frequently updates its IT facilities and provides sufficient bandwidth for internet connection.


5.2.2: Percentage of students qualifying in state/national/ international level examinations during the last five years (eg: JAM/CLAT/GATE/ GMAT/ CAT/ GRE/ TOEFL/ Civil Services/State government examinations).

5.4.1: There is a registered Alumni Association that contributes significantly to the development of the institution through financial and/or other support services.


6.1.1: The governance and leadership is in accordance with vision and mission of the institution and it is visible in various institutional practices such as decentralization and participation in the institutional governance

6.2.1: The functioning of the institutional bodies is effective and efficient as visible from policies, administrative setup, appointment and service rules, procedures, deployment of institutional Strategic/ perspective/development plan.

6.3.1: The institution has effective welfare measures and Performance Appraisal System for teaching and non-teaching staff.

6.4.1: Institution has strategies for mobilization and optimal utilization of resources and funds from various sources (government/ nongovernment organizations) and it conducts financial audits regularly (internal and external).


7.1.1: Measures initiated by the Institution for the promotion of gender equity and Institutional initiatives to celebrate / organize national and international commemorative days, events and festivals during the last five years.

7.1.4: Describe the Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment i.e., tolerance and harmony towards cultural, regional, linguistic, communal socioeconomic and Sensitization of students and employees to the constitutional obligations: values, rights, duties and responsibilities of citizens.

7.2.1: Describe two best practices successfully implemented by the Institution as per NAAC format.

SSR (cycle 2) 2022-23